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About Us

About Us

Industry Authority – Lee Cain and Fred Lane, partners in ESI, have been in business together for many years. Together, they are involved in every aspect of the business and offer over 80-years of experience in providing consulting, design, operations, management, construction, and inspection services to local utilities. They guide ESI and its employees to provide old fashion service, where the clients become a partner and excellent results make the difference.

Trust, honesty, experience, and integrity are the cornerstones of good companies. Adding to these qualities, ESI assembles designers, operators, and contractors into one team that works efficiently and effectively. ESI focuses on being a service oriented company, willing to do what it takes while asking the right questions creating an interactive approach to problem solving.

In construction, for instance, in order to avoid costly delays and extensive change orders, time is spent in review meetings. Involving owners, operators, contractors, vendors and manufacturers and discussing the project and options before the construction phase makes a great difference in avoiding issues in construction and with future operations. ESI has trained and certified engineers, operators and contractors that also spend time in review. With this approach, ESI has been able to avoid pitfalls that often accompany construction jobs large and small.

Working together over the years, Lee and Fred have been responsible for successes such as developing new industry control equipment as well as innovative methods used in facility operations aiding in protecting special environmentally sensitive outflow and impact areas.

We look forward to working with you to meet your water and wastewater needs.

Very truly yours,
Lee Cain

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