Value & Condition Reporting

Do you need to finance a property with a water treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant or lift station as part of the assets? Were the appraisal value and condition of these facilities taken into consideration? Commercial Buildings, Industrial Parks, Subdivisions, Mobile Home Parks, Hotels and Motels, and Retail Stores often also consist of a one of these water or wastewater facilities that need to be valued and/or inspected by an outside source with the right background in the industry.

Financing these types of properties can be a risky business if the true value and condition of the treatment facilities is unknown. Most of these facilities can be under scrutiny by the Department of Environmental Protection who levy fines for treatment facilities that are sub-par or out of compliance with their rules and regulations. The cost to make repairs can sometimes extend past the value of the entire property!

ESI has the background that allows us the unique knowledge to value the treatment facilities and to determine their "dollar-value" condition. We offer needed information for loan acquisitions, providing lending institutions and buyers alike protection against unknown, unforeseen and costly problems before (and after) they buy.

We also deliver a Cost to Compliance Value or Condition Report... a list of problem areas and components including an estimated cost of repair/ replacement. The problem areas can include operations, construction, maintenance, machinery, reporting, regulatory issues (state and local) and other areas that can be rectified in order to avoid fines and costly operational problems.

These services are available anywhere in the United States, Mexico or Canada.

These are not certified appraisals, but realistic assessments of the value of the treatment facility and/or financial physical and regulatory condition of the facility.